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Ice & Snow Titanium 4-pack (17.6mm)
Ice & Snow Titanium 4-pack (17.6mm)

Ice & Snow Titanium 4-pack (17.6mm)

$ 40.00

This cyclocross spike is ideal for ice, snow, and mud. It excels in the most extreme conditions. The modified point pierces frozen ground with ease.

Our lightest and strongest Cross Spikes

  • All models now available in Titanium (6Al-4V aerospace grade) versions
  • Titanium is known for its high strength and toughness, durability and low density, and ability to withstand high and low temperatures. Titanium resists, doesn’t stain, and is much lighter than stainless steel.
  • Our aerospace grade stainless steel cross spikes are a fantastic option, and a great value. Our  Titanium cross spikes are the ultimate toe spikes for uncompromising performance in all conditions

Material: 6Al-4V Aerospace Grade Titanium
Rolled Threads compatible with most major shoe brands
Product Weight: 17.3g

Patent pending.