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HORST Dreidel – Titanium
HORST Dreidel – Titanium
HORST Dreidel – Titanium
HORST Dreidel – Titanium
HORST Dreidel – Titanium
HORST Dreidel – Titanium

HORST Dreidel – Titanium

$ 72.00

Our Aerospace Quality Precision Machined Dreidel

2024 Limited Edition Titanium

A dreidel דרײדל is a four-sided spinning top. The game of dreidel is traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, but can be enjoyed at any time.

Each side of the dreidel has a letter of the Hebrew alphabet: Nun נ‎ Gimel ג Hey ה‎ Shin ש which together form the abbreviation for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham נס גדול היה which means “a great miracle happened there”.

HORST Dreidels are manufactured using several of our key processes: Swiss screw machining, turning, milling, thread rolling, and knurling.

The unique two-piece design is finely balanced and each one is a joy to spin. Our dreidel bodies are made from aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel ground bar stock. They have a milled square and tapped threads. 

The stem is turned from solid ground bar stock and has a drilled-cross hole. The thread is rolled on the same dedicated machines that we form our high strength fasteners. The diamond knurl is rolled on the same equipment that we use to make the highest quality surgical instrument handles. The HORST logo is dot-peen marked in the same way that we identify critical aircraft hardware. 

They are great for every day carry (EDC) and are beautiful on display. The cross-hole allows you to hang them like an ornament.

Each one is a work of art and they make wonderful gifts. 

Includes a protective carrying pouch. 

Includes a serial numbered Certificate of Conformance.

Colors May Vary

Dreidel Stand not included, but available for separate purchase. 


Body Material:

6Al - 4V (AMS 4928) Titanium

Stem Material

303 (AMS 5640) Stainless Steel 


1.500 inches/3.81 cm


.600 inches/1.52 cm


.600 inches/1.52 cm


26.4 g/.931 oz

Check out the HORST Dreidel Page for resources including How to Play Dreidel, history, and songs.