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HORST Engineering has been designing and manufacturing bespoke products since our founding. Inspired by our aerospace components business, we have designed and manufactured many innovative items during our long history. 

We designed our patented Cross Spikes™ for cyclocross, mountain biking, and adventure cycling enthusiasts who want better traction, and care about the best quality shoe accessories that you can buy.

Our dreidels, tops, toys, and other accessories are great for every day carry (EDC) and are beautiful on display. Each one is a work of art and they make wonderful gifts.

Our Shop features a handful of products designed for cycling enthusiasts and consumers who appreciate amazing quality. 

Cross Spikes™ are available to customers worldwide through our online store. If shipping information isn’t available for your location, please contact us. We also offer international sales through local dealers in select locations.

New dealers and/or bicycle retailers interested in wholesale pricing should contact us at